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Industrial convection heaters

Convector heater

Convection heater

Industrial radiator

IHPs convection heaters are developed for air heating in industrial environments with high demands on reliability and robustness. Our convectors are installed in for example containers, warehouses, industrial facilities, ships, crane cabins, wind farms, diaries, pumping stations, greenhouses and storage for critical equipment.

An industrial convection heater is constructed with finned tubular heaters, plate heaters or electrical tubular heaters inside of a finned tube, with connection box. The radiator can be controlled by an external temperature sensor, by built in thermostat or by a combination of these for increased precision.

IHPs radiators operate with clean electrical convection and have no moving parts, providing a maintenance-free installation without vibration or sound. Convectors can be combined to heat larger spaces.

The convectors are usually mounted on floor or wall and are available in several IP classifications, sizes and power versions.

Note: always install the radiators horizontally with unlimited air flow around the unit and never above each other.

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Technical specification

Power supply 1-phase 230V, 1-phase 110V, 2-phase 400V or 3-phase 400V
Outer casing of steel, powder coated steel and stainless steel
Connection box in painted steel, aluminum or plastic
High resistance to shocks and liquid splashes
Drilled mounting holes

Become a part of our success

IHP delivers heating systems, control systems and industrial services to many leading industrial companies in Europe. As a partner and supplier we are known for our flexibility and our high quality. Together we create successful long-term relations.

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