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Hydraulic oil heater

Hydraulic oil heater

IHP’s submersible oil heater is developed to heat hydraulic oil and is placed inside the tank. The oil heater has a strong stainless-steel housing for efficient heat transfer and has built-in magnets that work with tanks made of magnetic materials.

Normally used in oil baths, hydraulic lifting devices, lifts and can also be used for heating lubricating oils, mineral oils, water and non-corrosive liquids. By keeping the hydraulic oil warm, wear is reduced and any accumulated moisture is driven out of the oil. The low surface power protects the liquid and the highest surface temperature is about 40 ° C.

The temperature control included in the complete heating system holds amounts of intelligence that come in handy when you need even heating, ramp functionality, adjustable maximum temperature, program steps with ramp and setpoint or only when you need temperature control that is CE marked and approved.

IHP also helps with installation and preventive maintenance.

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Technical specification

Article number 20-17138
Dimensions Ø65x300mm
Supply 230V
Power 200W
Surface load 0,42W/cm²
Integrated PT100 sensor
Protection class of heater in water bath IP68, control cabinet IP65
Cable between heater and control cabinet approx. 2900mm
Digital regulator 0-40°C
Rubber cable 1.6m H07RN-F (3G1.5 mm²) with earthed plug type schuko
Earth fault circuit breaker not included (IHP assumes that the 230V socket is protected by earth fault circuit breakers)
CE manual

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IHP delivers heating systems, control systems and industrial services to many leading industrial companies in Europe. As a partner and supplier we are known for our flexibility and our high quality. Together we create successful long-term relations.

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