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Duct heaters 900°C

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Duct heater

Heating battery

Duct heaters are used for heating for example flowing air, nitrogen gas, oxygen gas and other gases. IHP designs customized electric duct heaters and heating batteries in special designs primarily for process industry, manufacturing industry and marine industry but also for demanding HVAC systems.

In a duct heater we use different resistive heaters depending on temperature rise, flow and velocity of the medium. The casing consists of a custom frame, duct or tube usually made of mild steel or stainless steel where we install tubular heaters, finned tubular heaters or spiralized open resistance wire. Inside the duct heater the heaters form a cluster that increases friction against the medium and transmits the heat efficiently.

The duct heater can be controlled by a built in sensor, thermostat and flow sensor or by a combination of these for increased precision and security.

IHP builds control cabinets and delivers complete heating systems. We also adapt duct heaters to existing plants or heating systems where the customer is responsible for control and regulation.

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Technical specification

Heater temperature up to 900°C
Supply and power adjusts to process and wishes
Heater material usually in stainless steel, acid proof stainless steel, Incoloy® 800, Incoloy® 825 and wired spiralized resistance thread nickel/chrome 80/20
Casing usually in mild steel or stainless steel formed like circular duct, rectangular duct or frame
Control electronica like resistive sensor, thermocouple thermostat or flow sensor are integrated as desired

Become a part of our success

IHP delivers heating systems, control systems and industrial services to many leading industrial companies in Europe. As a partner and supplier we are known for our flexibility and our high quality. Together we create successful long-term relations.

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