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H2OWAT Heating Cable

Self-regulating heating cable – For maintaining of hot water systems

Data sheet Heating Cable H2OWAT  – Data Sheet

Heating Cable type ESRS Datasheet – Termination Instructions

>> H2OWAT is a parallel resistance, cut to length on site self-regulating heating cable designed to compensate for heat losses from hot water distribution systems, as well as offering the option to disinfect periodically against Legionella.

The H2OWAT heating cable compensates for heat loss from hot water pipe work particularly where modern non-recirculating systems employing a single feed pipe are used. Feed pipe to hot taps

H2OWAT Heating Cable

cools rapidly under no-flow conditions and this can be overcome by tracing the pipe with heating cable under thermal insulation.

This will ensure that water is always available for draw-off at a constant temperature usually between 55ºC and 65ºC.


H2OWAT heating cable adjusts heat output to equal the heat loss from the pipe work. As pipe temperature falls under no-flow conditions H2OWAT increases output. As the pipe temperature increases under hot water flow conditions so output from H2OWAT decreases.


The heating cable has a core comprising two bus-wire conductors contained within an extruded semi-conductive self-limiting heater core with an outer insulating polyolefin sheath.

The cable has an earth protection screen in the form of a foil jacket covering a multi strand earth lead.

The cable is finished with a further protective thermoplastic outer sheath over the earth screen.

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Type Volts Max circuit length (m)
H2OWAT55 230 120
H2OWAT65 230 100
Conductor 1,23mm2 1,23mm2
Size 10,1mm x 3,2mm 10,1mm x 3,2mm
Max length 120m 100m
Protection type C to BS EN 60898:1991 25A 35A
Max surface temperature Continuous 100ºC / Intermittent 120ºC
Power supply voltage 230V Single phase
H2OWAT55 22,5W/m @ 0ºC – 9W/m @ 55ºC
H2OWAT65 31,4W/m @ 0ºC – 13W/m @ 65ºC

H2OWAT Heating Cable Output

Insulation requirements
Pipe size (mm) 15 28 35 42 54
Insulation thickness (mm) 20 25 30 37 50

Assumed constant ambient of 18
ºC and Thermal Conductivity of 0,035W/(m.K).

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