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ESRS Heating Cable

Cost effective self-regulating heating tape for frost protection of water and low temperature domestic and commercial product lines

Heating Cable type ESRS Datasheet  – Data Sheet

Heating Cable type ESRS Datasheet – Termination Instructions

>> ESRS heating cable is a parallel circuit heating cable with self-limiting characteristics designed for Frost Protection of Pipework.

As the pipe temperature falls under no-flow conditions or due to the decrease in external or internal temperature, the electrical conductivity of the semi-conductive polymer core increases, causing the tape’s output to increase.

As the pipe temperature increases under flow conditions, or as a result of increasing external or internal temperature, the conductivity reduces and output decreases.


The heating tape has a core comprising two bus-wire conductors contained within an extruded semi-conductive self-limiting heater core with an outer insulating polyolefin sheath.

The tape has an earth protection screen in the form of a Foil Jacket covering a multi strand earth lead.

The tape is finished with a further protective thermoplastic outer sheath over the earth screen.

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Heating Cable ESRS - self-regulating

Conductors Tinned Copper (7 X 0,32) 0,56mm²
Core Semi-conductive polymer
Outer sheath Thermo-plastic elastomer
Width 7,3mm
Thickness 5,1mm
Earth protection Foil jacket with multi strand earth lead
Supply voltage 230V
Max temp 60ºC (energised)
60ºC (un-energised)
Max length 110m
Min bend radius 27mm


Circuit breaker sizing (Type C to EN60898)
Type Start-up temp (ºC) Max circuit length vs. circuitbreaker size (m)
16A 20A 25A
ESRSBOJ -20 84 84 84
0 105 105 105
10 110 110 110
 Heat losses

To calculate heat loss per meter of pipe:


k = Thermal Conductivity of insulation layer at its
mean temperature

Tp= Maintain Temperature

Ta= MinimumAmbient temp

D1= Inside Diameter of theInsulation Layer

D2= OutsideDiameter of the InsulationLayer



Output for heating cable ESRJ

Thermal conductivity (ke) for Mineral/Glass fiber & phenolic insulation
Mean temperature °C 10 50 100 200
Mineral/Glass fiber 0,032 0,037 0,044 0,061
Phenolic 0,021 0,025 0,027

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