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Self-regulating heating cables

Self-regulating heating cables for a broad range of applications

>> Self-regulating heating cables also called self-limited heat tracing tapes are cables with resistance that varies with ambient temperatures.
Self-limiting heating tape are designed with two bus-wire conductors within an extruded semi-conductive self limiting heater core.
The self-regulated heating cables have an earth protection screen in the form of a foil jacket covering a multi strand earth lead.

Self-regulating heating cables

IHPs self limiting heating tape is finished with a further protective thermoplastic outer sheath over the earth screen.

All our electric trace heating tapes are manufactured according to the highest British and European standards.


  • The cable will not overheat, even if overlapped
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Simple terminations
  • Type FBT & H2OWAT tapes can be used with insulation
  • Displacement connectors (IDC) fast connection systems
  • Power ratings from 10 to 40w/m @ 230V and 10 to 20w/m @ 110V


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ESRS Heating Cable

ESRS heating cable, a cost effective self-regulating heating tape for frost protection of water, low temperature domestic and commercial product lines.

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FBT Heating Cable

FBT Heating cable is a parallel resistance designed for frost protection, process pipework maintaining and hot water temperature maintaining.

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FBTX Heating Cable

FBTX Heating Cable – Self-regulating heating tape for frost protection and temperature maintenance. Certified for use in hazardous areas.

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FBTXH Heating Cable

FBTXH Heating Cable, self-regulating heating tape for frost protection and temperature maintaining in hazardous areas. Certified for use in hazardous areas.

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H2OWAT Heating Cable

H2OWAT Heating Cable – a self-regulating heating cable designed to compensate for heat losses from hot water distribution systems.

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