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VC Heating Cable

Parallel circuit heating cable – Constant watt

VC Heating cable Data sheet – Data Sheet

>> VC Heating Cable a parallel circuit heating cable designed to be cut from reel lengths and site terminated to suit pipe work. The heating cable consists of a number of short heating zones, each connected across a pair of continuous bus-wire conductors.

Each complete heating zone will give its full rated design output with circuit voltage applied to the bus-wire conductors.


Suitable for internal and external freeze protection and temperature maintenance, hot water lines, oil and chemical lines, sprinkler system mains and supply piping (as listed in Clause 1 BS EN 62395-1:2006).


The heating cable has a core comprising two bus-wire conductors contained within an extruded silicone rubber sheath. The sheath is notched on alternate sides at predetermined intervals to expose a short section of bus-wire conductor.

Nickel-chrome resistance wire is wrapped at regular spacing around. The core as a continuous conductor, making contact with the bus-wires at the exposed points.

After completion of the heater conductor wrapping, a high temperature soldered joint is made at each contact point ensuring that a number of conductor strands are securely bonded to the bus-wires.

An extruded outer sheath of silicone rubber is then placed over the core and heater element to complete the heater cable assembly.

Where additional protection is required for corrosive conditions extruded silicone rubber sheathing can be placed over the braided cover.

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Conductors Copper stranded flexible 30/0,25mm (1,5mm²)
Core Silicone rubber
Heater element Nickel-chrome 80-20
Solder High melting point 296°C
Outer sheath Silicone rubber
Width 10mm (Braided version)
Thickness 5,25mm (Braided version)
Heater zone 1m
Braid Tinned copper
Temperature range -60°C to +200°C
Standard To BS EN 62395-1:2013 Clause 1
Min bend Radius 15mm
Type Volts Watt/m Heater zone length (m) Max circuit length (m) Max recommended
pipe temp ºC
VC 8 110 8 1,0 110 190
VC 12 110 12 1,0 88 175
VC 16 110 16 0,5 82 160
VC 20 110 20 0,5 76 145
VC 8 240 8 1,0 275 190
VC 12 240 12 1,0 187 175
VC 16 240 16 1,0 154 160
VC 20 240 20 1,0 132 145
VC 30 240 30 1,0 116 100
VC 38 240 38 1,0 98 90


A 30mA trip Residual Current Circuit Device (RCCD) or Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) is recommended for use with heating cables.

Heat losses to BS EN 62395-2-2013

To calculate heat loss per meter of pipe:

ke = ThermalConductivity of insulation layer at its mean temperature
Tp= Maintain Temperature
Ta= MinimumAmbient temp
D1= Inside diameter of theinsulation layer
D2= Outsidediameter of the insulationlayer


Thermal conductivity (ke) for mineral/glass fiber & phenolic insulation
Mean temperature °C 10 50 100 200
Mineral/glass fiber 0,032 0,037 0,044 0,061
Phenolic 0,021 0,025 0,027

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