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Parallel Circuit Heating Cables

Parallel Circuit Heating Cables

Parallel Circuit Heating Cables for a large number of applications

>> Parallel Circuit Heating Cables are divided into zones. With a typical heated zone length of 1 meter, it is possible to cut them to the desired length

Constant wattage heating cables are widely used for freeze protection and maintenance of pipelines process temperature, tanks and other equipment.

IHP also provides a series of parallel circuit heating cables that are certified for use in hazardous environments.

A broad range of accessories for all  our heating cables are avialible.


  • Constant watts output
  • Silicone insulation
  • Simple terminations
  • Can be monitored and checked
  • Power ratings: 8 to 60 w/m 110V and 240V
  • Temperature withstand: +200°C
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Parallel circuit heating cable SC

SC Heating Cable

Heating Cable SC , constant wattage heating tape suitable for internal and external frost protection, temperature maintenance and many other applications.

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SCBX Heating Cable

SCBX Heating Cable for internal and external freeze protection and temperature maintenance. ATEX Approved for use within Explosive Atmospheres.

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TF Heating Cable

TF Heating Cable a constant wattage heating cable with extruded FEP outer sheath offers a good resistance to caustic agents and a high melting point.

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VC Heating Cable

VC Heating Cable, constant wattage heating tape designed to be cut from reel lengths. Easy to install and available in various wattage loadings

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WinterTrace Heating Cable

For cost-effective and easy to use frost protection systems   – Data sheet Range Type Volts Watt/m Heater zone length (m) Max circuit length (m) Max recommended pipe temp ºc WinterTrace® 240 10 1,0 100 180   Specification Conductors Copper stranded flexible – 30/0,25mm (1,5mm²) Core Silicone rubber Heater element Nickel-chrome 80-20 Solder High meltingpoint […]

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