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Thermal Control

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Temperature control for silicone flexible heaters

>> An extensive range of thermal control devices can be incorporated onto the heaters; these include thermocouples, platinum sensors and limit switches. Pockets and housings can also be applied enabling the client to install their own control devices such as PT100’s and capillary thermostats.

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Analouge control

analog regulator silikonvärmemattor

The electronic analogue thermostat is a boxed unit that connects to the supply cable of the heater mat. The heater mat is supplied with a PT100 sensor and a 4 pole plug which connects to a corresponding socket in the thermostat completing the connections of the sensor and electrical supply. We can adapt the standard unit to allow a sensor to be inserted into the process being heated.

Digital control digital regulator silikonvärmemattor

The electronic digital thermostat is a fully programmable unit housed in an enclosure along with a residual current device. Complete with a stainless steel mounting bracket, connection to the heater is via a 4 pole plug and socket arrangement. The thermostat input is a PTC1000 sensor embedded on the heater mat.

Supply 230 Volt
Power (max.) 3000 Watt
Temperature range (adjust.) 0 till +200°C
Supply 230 eller 110 Volt
Power (max.) 2000 Watt
Temperature range (adjust.) 0 till +150°C


The capillary thermostat is supplied as a separate item to be built in to the final assembly along with the heater mat. The sensing bulb can be placed in the process or in a sensor pocket on the heater mat surface. With single pole switching, the body of the thermostat can be mounted up to 1 meter away from the sensor location.

Supply 230 Volt
Switching capacity 15 Amp


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