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Sensors TOPT 11

TOPI 6 sensor data sheet – Data Sheet

Temperature Sensors with Non-Replaceable Measuring Inserts TOPI-6, 8, TTJI-6, 8, TTKI-6, 8

>> This sensor is suitable for temperature range -200 to 550°C, primarily for measurements carried out in tanks and pipelines, in all these places where mounting of a threaded process connection would be problematic.

The temperature sensor design (replaceable measuring insert) is suitable for various industrial applications. Replacement of the measuring insert does not cause the technological installation damage. Spring-loaded insert ensures an excellent connection with the bottom of the sensor thermowell.

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Temperature range / sensing element
-200 to 550ºC Pt100
-40 to 550ºC K, J
Measuring insert
2-, 3-, 4-wire connection (for Pt100)
2-, 3-wire connection (for 2xPt100)
material: steel 1.4541
flanged, PN16, DN 20, 25 with lap B1 acc. to PN-EN 1092
diameter (mm): 11
length (mm): 80 to 2000
Connection head
BA, IP55, -40 to 100ºC
DN20, DN25

Temperature transmitter application

Temperature transmitter with standard 4 to 20mA, 0 to 10V output signals and with standard communication protocols can be mounted in the connection head. Transmitter installation is carried out directly on the measuring insert (in place of a terminal block) or in the high cover connection head (solution used to enable installation of two transmitters).

Local display application

The temperature sensor can be equipped with the connection head enabling the local LED display installation. The local display operates in current loop 4 to 20mA. This version makes the local temperature reading and transmission of the analogue signal possible.

ATEX design

For use in hazardous areas adequate sensor constructions are available:

  • intrinsically safe Exi
  • flameproof Exd

These designs possess EC-Type Examination Certificate in compliance with 94/9/EC(ATEX) directive.

Non-standard design

Immersion length, process connection, shape and material of the thermowell, connection head type and measuring insert parameters can be customized per client request.

Standard length
Immersion length L (mm) Measuring insert length Lw (mm)
100 255
160 315
250 405
400 555
Maximum pressure
Length L (mm) Maximum pressure (MPa)
do 160 11,8
do 250 6,9
do 400 4,4
Values specified on the basis of the maximum speed of steam flow: 25m/s and water flow: 3 m/s with thermowell standard diameter 9 mm.
Tolerance for classes of sensors with resistors Pt acc. to PN-EN 60751
Sensor classes
  Range of application (°C) Formula for calculating acceptable deviations (°C)
AA -50 to +250 T = ±(0,10 + 0,0017 |t|)
A -100 to +450 T = ±(0,15 + 0,002 |t|)
B -196 to +600 T = ±(0,3 + 0,005 |t|)

|t|- absolute value of temperature.

Measurement circuit
1 x Pt100
2-wire 3-wire 4-wire
x x x
2 x Pt100
2-wire 3-wire 4-wire
x x  
1 x TC 2 x TC  
2-wire 2-wire  
x x  


Tolerance for thermocouple classes acc. to PN-EN 60584
Thermocouple type Class 1
Range of application (°C) Tolerance (°C)
J Fe-CuNi from -40 to +375 from +375 to +750 ±1,5
±0,004 |t|
K NiCr-NiAl from -40 to +375 from +375 to +1000 ±1,5
±0,004 |t|



Thermocouple type Class 2
  Range of application (°C) Tolerance (°C)
J Fe-CuNi from -40 to +333 from +333 to +750 ±2,5±0,0075 |t|
K NiCr-NiAl from -40 to +333 from +333 to +1200 ±2,5±0,0075|t|
Connection Heads

Connection head type BA in standard.Possibility to mount the connection head of different type.

Connection head BA (Standard)

Connection head BA (Standard)

Connection Head Naa (option)

Connection Head Naa (option)

Connection Head Dana (option)

Connection Head Dana (option)

Connection Head Danaw (option)

Connection Head Danaw (option)

Connection Head DANAW-win (option)

Connection Head DANAW-win (option)

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