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Sensors PTTJ, PTTK

Sensors PTTJ, PTTK


Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Sensors PTTJ, PTTK

>> Temperature sensor suitable for measurement in hard-to-reach places and in applications requiring the use of flexible sensors with small diameters, and low thermal inertia.

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Technical data
Temperature range / sensing element
-40÷700ºC 1 or 2x J class 2
-40÷1200ºC 1 or 2x K class 2
2x (only diameter ø3; 4,5; 6mm)
material: steel 1.4541 for J, Inconel 600 for K
diameter d [mm]: 1; 1,5; 2; 3; 4,5; 6; 8
length L[mm]: acc. to requirements
min. bending radius [mm]: 3xd
Constructional version
with head mounted transmitter , AP type
with connection head, BA type (IP55, -40÷100°C)
with exposed wire ends 20mm , BT type
with sleeve , T type
with plug type M (miniature)*, BTWM type
with plug type S (standard)*, BTWM type
with LEMO socket, BTWS type
with compensation cable , TKb type
with compensation cable and plug type M TKbWM type
with compensation cable and plug type S TKbWS type
with compensation cable and LEMO plug TKbL type
Lead wire
– stranded wire 2×0,22mm2 with double silicone insulation
– stranded wire 2×0,22mm2 with double fiberglass insulation and metal overbraid
Other parameters acc. to requirements


Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Sensor

Temperature transmitter application

Temperature transmitter with standard 4÷20mA, 0÷10V output signals and with standard communication protocols can be mounted in the connection head, in place of a terminal block, or in the control cabinet.

Local display application

The temperature sensor can be equipped with the connection head enabling the local LED display installation. The local display operates in current loop 4÷20mA. This version makes the local temperature reading and transmission of the analogue signal possible.

Non-standard design

Immersion length and other parameters can be customized per client request


Compensation / thermocouple wire insulations
Insulation material Operating temp. range (°C) Properties
PCW (PCV) -10 to +105 Applied in mild environmental conditions.
Waterproof and flexible.
Yc- polyvinyl chloride -10 to +105 Applied in mild environmental conditions.
Waterproof and flexible.
FEP-teflon -50 to +200 Resistant to oils, acids and other aggressive liquids.
Si-silicone -50 to +180 Waterproof, flexible. Applied in high humidity.
Ws-fiberglass -60 to +400 Good resistance to high temperatures.Low resistance to liquid penetration.
Notes:Additionally, copper or steel braids/shields are used on wires to prevent electrical noises, Increasing, at the
same time, wire insulation resistance to mechanical damages. In case of longer wire lengths grounding may be
needed to minimize the noise in measurement circuit


 Thermocouple class 2 Sheath diameter d [mm]
ø1 ø1,5 ø2 ø3 ø4,5 ø6 ø8
J 315ºC 315ºC 400ºC 450ºC 550ºC 700ºC
K 760ºC 760ºC 800ºC 900ºC 1000ºC 1200ºC 1200ºC


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