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Nozzle Heaters Model Z19

Nozzle Heater Z19

nozzle heater Z17 – Data Sheet

Nozzle Heaters Model Z19 stainless steel

>> Nozzle heaters Model Z19 is the solution where width over 60mm is required. The external part of the heater is a clamping band made of stainless steel separated from the internal heating element (resistive part).

Technical specification
  • Specific wattage up a 6W/cm² (recommended power max. 1600W)
  • Working temperature up to 400°C
  • Available with built in thermocouple type J
  • Max diameter ØD=110 mm and max width L=200 mm
  • Available upon request radial exit or tangential exit 5°/15°/30°/45° or axial exit 5°/15°/30°
  • Standard supply voltage 230V
  • Extras as hole and threaded connector/cap nut for thermocouple
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Nozzle Heater Model Z19 from IHP

Standard with axial exit 45°. Flexible bipolar cable + earth length 1000mm.



  • Clamping band in stainless steel AISI430
  • Ni-Cr 80/20 wire
  • Mica sheet insulation
  • Flexible bipolar supply leads with earth wire
  • Teflon fibreglass insulated nickel conductors with metal braiding protection
  • Option: Pure nickel or copper nickel conductors with silicon sleeve max working temperature 180°C


Alternative exits for nozzle band heaters Z19

Alternative exits for nozzle band heaters

Threaded connector (optional)

Threaded connector for nozzle heaters

M8 x 1,25 M10 x 1,25 M12 x 1,75 M12 x 1,25 M14 x 2 M14 x 1,5
8MA 10MA 10MA 128MB 14MA 14MB
1/8” GAS 1/4″ GAS 3/8” GAS
8MA 10MA 10MA


Custom made models

Band heater IP55 with stainless steel tube welded (1) and brazed for widthes up to 60mm (2).

Custom made nozzle heaters

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