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Polyester Flexible Heaters

Polyester Flexible Heaters

Polyester Flexible Heaters – Data Sheet

Polyester Flexible Heaters

>> IHP polyester flexible heating elements guarantee a fast and uniform heat transfer. Due to their small thickness the polyester heaters can easily be fitted to different kind of surfaces. The uniform thermal distribution prevents uneven material expansions and supplies all power with maximum efficiency.

Polyester insulation withstands 120°C maximum working temperature. The high bond performance of the self-adhesive film allows an easy fixing on steel and plastic surfaces.

The etched foil technology allows us to customize shape, dimensions, voltage and power of the flexible heating elements according to the requirement of the customer. For this reason the IHP polyester flexible elements are suitable for a broad range of different applications.

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Polyester insulation withstands 120°C maximum working temperature.
Advantages of polyester foil heaters
  • Custom design
  • Etch foil technology
  • Thin, flexible and lightweight heaters
  • Uniform heating distribution
  • Easy to fix by self-adhesive film
  • Supply range from 1V to 400V
  • Different specific power zones on the same element
  • Double voltage supply from 115V to 230V on the same element
  • Complete range of integrated sensors such as thermostats, PT100, TC J/K, thermo fuses etc.
  • Full design and manufacturing service


Technical Specification
Thickness Min. 20mm Max. 1,00mm
Length Min. 20mm Max. 2300mm
Width Min. 20mm Max. 590mm
Specific power Min. 0,01W/cm² Max. 0,3W/cm²
Voltage Min. 1,0V Max. 400V
Temperature Min. -50°C Max. 120°C
Self-adhesive Yes (optional)
Sensors Complete range of integrated sensors, thermostats, PT100,
TC J/K, thermo fuses etc.
Customized Yes


Typical applications
Access control systems Display, magnetic strip scanners, sky-pass anti-condensation and
frost protection
Automotive Mirror anti-condensation/frost protection
Battery warmers
Bathroom mirrors Mirror anti-condensation
Beer breweries Fermentation of trays and barrels
Catering equipment Buffet and snack stands
Coffee machines Cup warmers
Cosmetic equipment Wax heaters
Heating towels
Industrial refrigeration Anti-condensation cabinets
Parabolic antennas De-icing
Plotters and graphic machinery Uppvärmning av plotterhuvud
Radiators Radiant heating
Sandblasting machines Dehumidification abrasives
Textile machines Press- and industrial ironing
Wood working machines Presses for bonding glues and resins
Zootechnics Pet warmers
Water tanks
Food mixers

Flexible polyester heaters

Heaters flexible polyester

Polyester Heating Elements

Polyester flexible heaters with polyester insulation

IHP works together with many leading industrial companies in Europe. As a partner and supplier, we are known for our flexibility and our high quality products and services. IHP has a business valued model and creates successful long-term relationships.



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