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PTFE Drum Heater

PTFE coated drum heater for temperatures up to 220°C

Base Drum Heaters – Data Sheet

PTFE coated drum heater for temperatures up to 220°C

>> The HSHP Drum Heater is specifically designed for melting or reducing the viscosity of products that require aggressive heating or high temperatures for handling

The PTFE coated drum heater are manufactured to comply with the EC low voltage and EMC directives and are CE marked accordingly.

The heating element of the HSHP range of side drum heaters is stitched into an insulated jacket made from lightweight, abrasion resistant PTFE fabric; this is then insulated with a high performance E-glass fibre blanket to aid thermal efficiency.

The design of the heating jackets is class II double insulated to ensure user safety. HSHP side drum heaters are supplied with quick-release bucklers and 4 metres of robust rubber power cable and can also be fitted with a range of thermostats.

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PTFE coated drum heater for product temperatures at multiple levels and up to 220°C

The PTFE coated drum heaters provides the industry standard for handling products such as waxes, soaps and materials with high water content. The out material of this heater not only performs in heating these solutions but can also specifically target applications for chemical, acid and food handling

  • PTFE material delivers EU and US regulatory standards for use with food stuffs
  • High levels of chemical and acid resistance
  • Easy clean hygienic heater solution
  • Lightest heater jacket on the market
  • Standard power availability 1800W
  • Dual zone and increased wattages available on request
  • Bespoke sizes to prder
PTFE coated Drum Heater with an adjustable thermostat

▲ The HSHP is fitted with an adjustable thermostat

Customized Drum Heater with PTFE coating

▲ Bespoke printing for the HSHP with your company information and specifications for the element

Drum Heater PTFE with release buckles

▲ Quick release buckles are used for fixing the jacket quickly and easily

Technical Data PTFE coated drum heater
Power rating 110 or 230 Volts
Jacket Material PTFE coated glass fibre cloth
Insulation E-glass fibre blanket
Element Silicone insulated spiral wound resistance element
Control 0-90°C, 0-120°C, 20-220°C Adjustable thermostat
Power Cable 4 Meter HO7RN-F
Fixing High temperature polyester webbing with quick release adjustable buckles
Standard range
Drum Size Size (mm) Power (W) Diameter (mm)
200-210L 850 x 1950 1800 573 to 611


Commission Regulation: EU 10/211

US FDA regulation: 21 CFR 177 1550


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