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Cast in Heaters

Cast in heaters is an excellent heat source for heating of air, fluids and tools.
Data sheet Cast in Heater – Data Sheet

Cast in heaters provide effective heating 

>> Cast in heaters is an excellent heat source for heating of air, fluids and tools. Casting a heating element increases its heat surface while it is possible to adapt the element to various applications. Contact us for the development of your product.

Air Cooled cast alloy heaters

Finned Cast in heaters are most often fitted on extruder barrels under cowls. Centrifugal fans can be used to blow air between the fins to offer precise temperature control.

Water cooled – Cast Alloy Heater Coolers

Cast alloy Heater cooler combinations are used where water is required to control processing temperature. Cooling tubes are available in a wide range of dimensions.


Cast in heaters are terminated according to customer requirements. We also offer a broad range of electrical and cooling terminations.

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Techinical specifications
Dimensions Practically all shapes and
dimensions can be manufactured
Max Specific power (W/cm2) Aluminium 6.2w/cm²
Aluminium-Bronze 7.75w/cm²
Voltage 500V
Max working temprature Aluminium 400°C
Aluminium-Bronze 550°C
Tolerance Power +/- 5%
+/- 0.13mm on finished surfaces


Effective heating with Cast in heaters

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