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Insertion Heaters

insertion heaters

insertion heaters – Data Sheet

Insertion Heaters for industrial applications

>> Insertion heaters with medium or low charge are suitable for moderate heating up to 350ºC. Our insertion heaters are made with high quality stainless steel tubes or with other material such as copper, brass or aluminium.

A long-life ceramic body is inserted into the tube and withstands every continuous temperature variation, together with the best possible thermic conductivity. The heater wire is placed inside the ceramic body and is of first class quality. A nickel-chromium heater wire is used in the manufacture of cartridge heaters due to its high tolerance of high temperatures. Coated with checked granulometric magnesium oxide, covering the inside of the cartridge heater giving perfect conductivity between the heater wire and the heater.

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Technical data
Heat intensity (low density) Up to 4W/cm²
Power Depends on dimension
Current leakage (cold state) <= 0,1mA at 242V
Working temperature Max 350°C
Tolerance length +/- 1,5%
Tolerance diameter +/- 0,1mm
Tolerance connection length +/- 15mm
Power tolerance + 5% – 10%
Standard cold areas 5-25mm

Medium / low density insertion heaters are manufactured using a method where we compress all internal components with magnesium oxide to achieve a long life.

A heating wire is placed in holes within the ceramic cylinder depending on the heat intensity. Discs and ceramic heads are placed at both ends to isolate and protect the heater. The whole unit is sealed in a metal tube and packed in pure magnesium oxide to insure that everything is completely insulated. The insertion heater is then compressed to the correct dimensions and tolerances.

insertion heaters constructioninsertion heater

  1. Welded water proof base to withstand pressure up to 60kg/cm²
  2. Calibrated stainless steel tube in AISI 304/316/321/INCOLOY
  3. Ceramic disc insulator
  4. Pure magnesium oxide
  5. Nickel-chrome 80/20 heater wire, melting point 1400°C
  6. Ceramic core
  7. Hard ceramic head
  8. Heat refracting paste
  9. Conductor lead


Application examples
  • Hardening
  • Heating of fluids
  • Heating of solids
  • Heating of tools
  • Medical and laboratory equipment
  • Melting
  • Molds
  • Vulcanization
  • Welding


cartridge insertion heaters

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