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Self-expandable cartridge heater



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Self-expandable cartridge heater with quick and easy removal

>> Self-expandable cartridge heater solves the problems that conventional heating cartridges may have. For example, poor durability and improper fit.

  • Longer life
  • Easy to remove
  • No cold zones

The self-expandable cartridge heater comprises an electric heating element with high performance is made of high quality materials. It has a shape that allows expansion and retraction of the cartridge.

During retraction the cartridge heater resets to its original position, allowing for a smooth removal from the opening. It is also possible to reuse them in other places, which makes it possible to reduce the number of cartridges that are kept in stock.

Expandable heating cartridges with its unique design makes it possible to easily remove the cartridge when it is cold, saving time and labor, in addition machine downtime kept to a minimum.

The self-expanding cartridge heater is manufactured with only a heating wire with more amount of wire than any other heating cartridge. This facilitates a uniform heating around the entire cartridge, without any cold spots or temperature variations.

The cartridge is expanding evenly around the entire circumference, the heat transfer is uniform without creating a void that can overheat and break resistance.

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Voltage (V) 120 – 130 – 240 – 380 – 400
Power tolerance(w) +5% to -10%
Power Depends on the dimensions
Length Tolerance ± 3% maximum 20mm
Standard Diameter’s Tolerance -0.10 to -0.15 mm
Leakage current <=0.5mA a 253 v.
Insulation >=5 MΩ a 500 V
High voltage heaters 1500V to > 24V Operating voltage
  500V to > 24V Operating voltage
Tube material Stainless Steel
Wire NiCr 8020
Melting temperature 750º C



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