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Cartridge Heaters with Sensors

cartridge heater – Data Sheet

Cartridge heaters with sensors and built in thermocouples

Cartridge heaters can be fitted with thermocouples and sensors of your choice. This will make it easy to monitor and control the process. Any type of sensor could be fitted but PT100, PT1000 and thermocouple type K, J are the most common types used.

Grounded thermocouple, sensor
The sensor itself is in contact with the metal casing. This gives a rapid and accurate sensor value. Cartridge heater grounded thermocouple
Insulated thermocouple, sensor
The sensor is totally insulated against the metal casing and the heater wire. This prevents earth interference to influence the sensor value. Cartridge heater insulated thermocouple
Customized placement of thermocouple, sensor
This option gives the customer the option to point out where the sensor should be placed and enhance the precision of the process. Cartridge heater customized thermocouple
TYPES OF TERMOPAR complying with German std. DIN 4374
Code Positive Color Negative Color Working Temp.
Type J Iron Red Constantan
Blue Type J DIN 4374
0 – 750°C
Type K Chromium Red Aluminium
Green Type K DIN 4374
0 – 1250°C
TYPES OF TERMOPAR complying with American std. ANSI/MC 96.1
Code Positive Color Negative Color Working Temp.
Type J Iron White Constantan
Red Type K ANSI
0 – 750°C
Type K Chromium Yellow Aluminium
Red Type K ANSI
0 – 1250°C


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