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Cartridge Heater Leads

Cartridge Heater Leads

Cartridge Heater– Data Sheet

Standard leads for cartridge heaters

Below are listed the most common types of leads and protection for cartridge heaters. IHP can also supply special leads based upon specific requirements.

Nickel Rods – L1
Rigid pure nickel rods make it easy to remove the connection tails. The rods are coated with an insulating sheath. Cartridge Heater Nickel Rods
Glass Fiber Leads – L2
Pure nickel conductors sheathed with glass fiber and coated with silicone. These are used as our standard leads. Cartridge Heater Glass Fiber Leads
Teflon Leads – L3
Ideal for water resistance and cleanliness of the cable. Cartridge Heater Teflon Leads
Silicone Leads – L4
Highly flexible leads for excessive movement and vibrations. Cartridge Heater Silicone Leads
Standard Power Cable – L5
Standard 3-core power cable with conductors made of copper. Cartridge Heater Standard Power Cable
Silicone Tube – L6
Ideal for use in a damp environment where flexibility is required. Cartridge Heater Silicone Tube
Steatite Leads – L7
Ideal for high temperature areas. Internal conductors in pure nickel wire. Cartridge Heater Steatite Leads
Glass Fiber Sleeve – L8
Protects against high temperatures. Ideal for use with twined conductor cable. Cartridge Heater Glass Fiber Sleeve
Braided Steel Sleeve – L9
Made for extra strength and flexibility. Braid in stainless steel. Cartridge Heater Braided Steel Sleeve
Spiral Nickel Tube – L10
Highly protective tube withstands knocks, rough handling and spillage. Cartridge Heater Spiral Nickel Tube


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