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Ceramic band heaters

Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic band heaters data sheet – Data Sheet

Cost-effective and reliable heating with Ceramic band heaters

>> Ceramic band heaters are versatile and highly energy efficient. Ceramic band heaters are widely used for extruders, tanks and in a broad range of other industrial applications.

Ceramic heaters can reduce energy consumption by 20% compared to heaters that are not insulated.

Ceramic band heaters are designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards to ensure an efficient and reliable operation.

Ceramic band heaters can also tailored to specific customer needs. Contact our technical sales team for information and further advices.

  • Excellent heat exchange to the cylinder
  • Heating uniformity
  • Long service life
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces about 20% of energy consumption
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Ceramic Band heater design

Technical specification
  • Specific wattage up to 8 W/cm2
  • Working temperature up to 520°C
  • External stainless steel sheet, resistant to high temperatures
  • Nickel-Chrome 80/20 resistive winding
  • High purity ceramic insulation
  • Ceramic fiber insulation
  • Heater’s standard thickness 12 +/- 1mm
  • Fiberglass insulated feeding cable with pure Ni or Cu-Ni conductor externally protected by a metal braiding (built in earth wire) – work. temperature 320°C , with peak 350°C.


  • Pure Ni or Cu-Ni conductors with silicon sleeve-max working temp.180°C, peak 200°C)


Feasible electric connections
  • All mono phase voltages
  • From 53mm width up to 121mm , it is possible to apply a star (Y) three phase feeding
  • Over 121mm width it is possible to apply a star (Y) or delta (∆) three phase feeding


TCE M6 L100 M6 12 12 40 100
Design of clamping for ceramic band heater
Holes or slots

Our elements with a width greater than 3omm can be supplied with external thermocouple, holes or slots.

They can also be supplied with threaded connection as shown in the picture

Heater bands model Z.41 with ceramic insulation with external perforated sheet.



Threaded connectors
M12 x 1,75
M12 x 1,5
M12 x 1(12MC)
M8 x 1,25
M10 x 1,5
M10 x 1(10MB)
1/8” GAS 1/4” GAS 3/8” GAS


Customized solutions

Customized bandheater

IHP Ceramic Heater Model Z.42 execution with single insulation covering Model Z.43 execution with double insulation covering, inside insulated and outside with perforated sheet

Heater bands model Z.41 with external perforated sheet

Band heater  Z.41 with external perforated sheet for heat dispersion by forced ventilation.

Customer specific bandheater

Z41 Ceramic band heater with ceramic insulation with external perforated sheet. Finned dissipators (made of Al 20/10) and covering with coupling flange for blowers


We provide a large number of different connections are available. Please contact our technical sales team for further information!

Connections for bandheaters

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