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About IHP

Electrical Heating Products for industrial usetjanster

IHP International Heating Products AB supplies electrical heating products and system solutions for industrial heating applications. We also supplies control systems, temperature control and temperature measurement and accessories including cables and termination products.

IHP and its company founders have more than 30 years branch experience. Our personnel are skilled in electrical engineering and construction. IHP provides an extensive range of products, both customs made and standard, for the process industry and the OEM markets.

Our strength lies in the IHP’s way to provide cost effective solutions and give a full back up service. We give our customers the advantage of high quality products at a cost effective price.

We at IHP pride ourselves in giving added value to our clients. The benefits that we offer include full technical support, personal contact, short response time and an efficient delivery service.


Business Description

pdf IHP Business Description


IHP provides heating products and system solutions for industrial electric heating. We automate, install and deploy new and existing plants. Through the service agreement, we take care of everything from daily operations to service maintenance to ensure that the process facility will always have optimal function.

The product area component is for any kind of production where accurate heating and control is needed in the production process. There are standard and customized electric heating products for use in this area.

Within process our heating systems are specifically designed for heavier production. Petrochemical industry, power generation, the hardening of metals and production of bio fuels are some examples where our process heating systems are used.

IHP build complete control panel and perform programming of PLC / SCADA / HMI. We install robot cells, perform process optimization offer training and support.

Projects we define as assignments where product development, adaptation and construction are done together with our customers. IHP develops customized systems and offers services in project management, design, development, installation and long term maintenance.

IHP performs inspections and assessments for the process industry, mainly in the areas of heating, insulation and electrical installations. We evaluate your facility with modern and advanced equipment; find areas for improvement and suggests possible changes

IHP performs installation of components and turnkey systems so that your projects are being delivered completely operational.
IHP also offer service and maintenance of new and existing systems.




IHP should be the customer’s first choice for industrial heating systems, automation solutions and electrical and mechanical industrial services.


We improve and continually developing innovative solutions, products and services to offer maximum customer benefit.

We have committed and competent employees with a passion for technology, precision and customer service.

We are acting responsibly and are committed to sustainable development and reduced environmental impact.


Andreas Rexander, Operational Management, Component and Projects
Daniel Mattsson, Component, Process and Projects
Susanne Andrén, Accounting and Administration
Lennart Mattsson, Component and Process
Heidi Mattsson, Component and Process
Christian Magnusson, Automation, Evaluation, Inspection, Installation and Service
Tony Hillerstedt, Automation, Evaluation, Inspection, Installation and Service
Kristian Isaksson, Automation, Evaluation, Inspection, Installation and Service

Our Values
  • Long-term commitment in relationships and decisions
  • Solutions with optimal function and quality
  • Flexibility and confidence
  • Sustainability and environmental care


IHP reduces your environmental impact and takes you away from fossil fuels!

Many of us are probably worried about the impact that for instance industry has on our environment and work situation. To avoid this, we want to make our customers aware that IHP has products and systems that are environmentally friendly and mitigate global warming.

IHP works environmental thinking into every design and development projects. With our electric heating products and developed technology, we can now heat processes up to 1850°C (3362°F).

We convert existing facilities and construct new energy efficient systems that significantly reduces energy consumption and makes you independent of fossil fuels. Our products and services are for you a very profitable investment!

Want to know more about IHP’s products that save energy and money and at the same time contribute to a better environment? Contact us today!



IHP works together with many leading industrial companies in Europe. As a partner and supplier, we are known for our flexibility and our high quality products and services. IHP has a business valued model and creates successful long-term relationships.



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